Persia White’s mother in Persia was born in Saudi Arabia and immigrated to the U.S. when she was six.

“It was a tough time,” White said.

“I went through my whole childhood in Saudi and then when I got to high school in America, I realized that was my home, too.

I felt like it was my only home.”

“It wasn’t like it used to be,” she continued.

“You couldn’t really live where you were because the country didn’t give you a lot.

You had to go back to your home country.”

But the couple’s family came to the States in the 1970s, and she went to work in the U-Hauling company.

“When I got married to a white man, my parents got so excited because they were like, ‘We’re gonna have a lot of kids,'” she recalled.

But the marriage lasted only two years, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that she and her husband began dating.

“After we had a kid, my mother would be like, “You have to marry a black man.

“”But that didn’t work out,” she said.

And in 1981, the couple divorced.

But by then, Persia’s mother had a daughter.

The couple had a son, and their relationship lasted until they separated in 1989.

“And that’s not the way it was in my life. “

It wasn’t. “

And that’s not the way it was in my life.

It wasn’t.

I never saw myself as a person who was white.”

“I am not a racial stereotype,” she added.

“We don’t have the same privileges in America as we do in Saudi.”

“My family was very conservative,” she noted.

“They had two kids and I was the only one.

I didn’t get any of the opportunities.”

“They were really worried about my safety, but they didn’t know I was a white woman.

They just thought, ‘Oh, I can’t believe that she’s married to an Arab.'”

White explained that her mother had no problem with her marrying an Arab, but she was worried about her son.

She told the reporter that her son wanted to be a doctor and that she worried about him not being able to finish high school because he was married to the man he married.

“The whole thing was very confusing for me because I didn, like, hate that part of myself,” she recalled of the wedding.

“If you think about it, I was so angry.

It’s just so hurtful.

It made me feel so bad for the whole time I was with my mother.”

White said she didn’t like how the wedding had ended.

“She didn’t love me.

I loved her and we got married, but it was just not me.

And then when my son was born, my mom just said, ‘You can go marry your white husband,'” she said with a laugh.

She then revealed how she met her son, who she said had never told her what happened at the wedding, and how he told her how much he wanted to marry her.

“He said, “I have no idea what happened,” and I’m like, `What are you talking about?'” she said, laughing.

“Then I started to understand, ‘I don’t know how you can do this.'”

Persia then explained that she was surprised that her daughter had been so accepting.

“What I found out, it just made me laugh,” she admitted.

“Because I didn- I didn.

My daughter didn’t even want to know what happened.

The interview was edited for length and clarity.”

She added, “It’s very complicated, but I think my child understood.

“The interview was edited for length and clarity.