On a day that will forever change the course of Pakistan’s history, Shahid was about to go to his first solo concert.

The son of Pakistani-born Shia Muslim father Shahid, who died in 2008, the 19-year-old was destined to be a star.

Shahid had already been an actor, having played the lead role in the 2010 Pakistani movie The Last Days of Mirza Farooq and the director of the movie’s Pakistani version, Iqbal, said Shahid’s father Shahrukh, a former Pakistan army officer, had always wanted him to be an actor.

The film’s script was written by the actor Shahrukh and he would play the role of a soldier who had a dream to become a famous actor, Shahrukat said.

He had also worked as a singer.

The actor had auditioned for Shahruks family’s first film in the United Arab Emirates, but he was not selected because he was Muslim.

“They told me I could not play the part,” Shahrugh said.

“When I was about 15, my mother, who was also a journalist, told me the only way to get a job was to marry a man of your religion.

She said it would be a blessing if you married him,” Shahid recalled.

After graduating from high school, he was accepted by a university in Islamabad, but when he arrived, the college was closed.

Shahruch said he did not want to go home.

He said he was angry and felt he had been lied to.

“I went back to Pakistan.

My father said he would never give me a job.

I was so angry,” he said.

The boy started to get involved in the music scene and he started playing music videos on his smartphone.

After his father passed away, the boy was determined to make his own music videos, and he got into the music industry.

“When I came to the United States, I started to play music videos.

I started producing music videos for myself and started to become famous,” he told Al Jazeera.

Sharda Raza, a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Shahruh, said he found him in the video for her song ‘Ode to a Boy’ when she was only 15.

“He was like a star in his youth, and when he was 19, he had a big career.

I had no idea how big he was, but now I am grateful for him,” Raza said.

Shanaz Qureshi, a young Pakistani-American actress who had worked with Shahid in films like My First Night and My First Date, said she has been impressed with his work in the past.

“The video for ‘Odo’ was the first time he did a video for someone other than himself.

He was so young at the time,” Quresh told Aljazeera.”

Shahrukh and I had met through social media.

He started acting in films when I was 14 years old.

We met at a party.

We were dancing in the street and I asked him how he got in the studio.

He just said, ‘We started doing videos together.

When I was 15, I was already a star,'” Quresi said.

“It was very special.

It is a big milestone for us both.

Shahid has a great talent and I hope that he continues to work as an artist.”

Qureshi also said she had met Shahruakh at a music festival.

“At a music fest, I said, let’s meet.

We are both very interested in music and he has a big fanbase on social media,” she said.

She added that Shahruhan was always interested in acting, even as an adolescent, and said that when he met her in 2013, he told her he wanted to be in a movie.

“In the movie, he plays a guy who wants to be famous.

It was really interesting to watch him go through this process of becoming an actor,” Qurehsaid.

Shashank Kapoor, an award-winning actor and producer, who has worked with the two actors on the films ‘My First Date’ and ‘My Last Date’, said he had also been in touch with them.

“My first contact with Shahrokh was through social networks and he told me that he had decided to make a film with me, which is an amazing honor for me,” Kapoor said.

He said Shahruikh had a “very big career”, and had made more than 30 films and was a regular on the British TV show, Big Brother.

“Shahrokh has always been a good kid and is really intelligent and charming.

I really like him and I think he has great potential,” Kaporka said.

But for all his talent and achievements, Shahhrukh still has much to