Mother of girl born in a white house in the US is taking the blame for her daughter’s death after she posted a video on YouTube of her having a sex act with a man.

The clip, which was uploaded on Saturday, shows a mother holding a young girl as she has sex with a stranger in a home in the suburbs of Chicago.

It is a stark reminder of how the US culture of homosexuality and transgression is still widely prevalent in parts of the country, including in states where same-sex marriage was legal in 2012.

“This is a terrible, horrible, terrible thing that happened to my little girl.

You see this kind of stuff all the time,” Jennifer Black said in the video, which has been viewed more than six million times.”

I know how you feel, but you know, the truth is, you know what, that’s the truth.

You have to move on.

That’s what’s going to happen.”

Ms Black was not named by The Washington Post.

The video sparked outrage in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

“When a white girl dies, people cry out, ‘She’s not white.

She’s Black,'” said Brittany Covington, who identifies as bisexual.”

But that’s just not the case,” she said.

“They’re not saying, ‘Oh, well, this white girl was murdered’.”

What I see is that she is a very well-known lesbian and a very visible bisexual in this community, so I think that’s why the reaction was so intense.

“That’s what I saw, and I think people should be held accountable for that.”

Ms Covingtons sister, who lives in Minnesota, said she was not sure why the video was being circulated in her community.

But she was disturbed by what she saw.

“The fact that you see this type of stuff is just disgusting,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“It’s just absolutely horrible.

You can’t even look at this video, it’s just so upsetting.”

We are all affected by that.

“The video was also shared on Facebook and Twitter by a number of people who said they felt the same way.”

Just because she’s not White doesn’t mean she’s White, it just means that she’s Black and that’s it,” one person said.”

So I’m not sure how that makes her feel,” said another.

The US state of Michigan, where the video is filmed, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In the video the mother is heard saying she “felt bad for her” because her daughter was not white and that she had “no idea” what was happening.”

She was not going to have to tell you,” she says, before asking: “Did you think I would know about that?

“Ms Black said she believed the man in the videos was not her daughter and had no relationship with her.”

There’s no way that she could have, because she would have been in a different situation,” she explained.”

How do you have a relationship with a person who’s not your daughter?

That’s the question.

“And it’s so sad because my child’s going through a lot.”

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