Pakistani-origin mother Shane persian has been in hiding since the birth of her second child last year.

Ms persian had been told by her family that her pregnancy was safe and she would not have to go through the labour and delivery process if she chose to have the baby.

But the 34-year-old is not allowed to return to Pakistan, and the Pakistani embassy in Ireland has refused to allow her to leave the country.

Ms Persian said she is a mother of two and had to go back to Pakistan to try and find her husband.

“My baby is the only one who understands that I am Pakistani.

He is not interested in our family and I am not interested for him to be here.

He will take care of us,” she said.

The father of the baby is also not allowed in Pakistan, she said, adding: “I am in no condition to have a child with him.

He can’t be the father of my child because he is not Pakistani.”

She is still trying to get her husband to come and meet her in the hope that he will adopt the baby and help her find a place to live in Ireland.

The Pakistani embassy said it has taken the matter “very seriously”.

“This case is under investigation by the Pakistani authorities.

We do not comment on individual cases,” it said in a statement.

Ms Riaz, Ms Persan’s mother, has been making videos of her with her child on her Instagram account.

She has been sharing pictures of the newborn with friends and even posted a video of her child and a video-sharing app.

“He is an amazing little boy.

We are not sure what will happen when we see him,” she posted on her account.

Ms Lohar said she hopes her daughter will eventually be allowed to go to Ireland to live with her family.

“She is a very special girl.

She is an inspiration to us all,” she added.

The woman is still awaiting the arrival of a Pakistani consular official to help her.

“I hope this case will be solved.

I just want to make sure that she will be safe.

I have no idea how it is going to happen,” she told RTE’s Morning Ireland programme.

“It has affected me so much.

I feel so sad.

I do not want my baby to grow up to be a terrorist.”

Irish authorities have said they have no plans to extradite Ms Persic to Pakistan.

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