The story of the life and death of an 18-year-old Pakistani girl, who was killed by her father after she and her younger sister were abducted from their home in southern Punjab, has been widely covered by the media in Pakistan and across the world.

Pakistani media reported on the story in November, and this week, news reports on the case emerged in the United States, with the father and daughter being featured in a series of TV shows and documentaries.

On Monday, the BBC aired a two-part documentary on the incident, titled “The Disappearance of A Daughter of Pakistani Parents”.

In it, the mother, Rehman, recounts how she and the girl were abducted at around 3pm on the morning of October 17, 2016, while the girl’s sister was with her parents in the village of Tereba.

Rehman said that the girls had been picked up from the house of her father, Imran Khan, after his wife, Reema Khan, called her home to tell her the girl was going out to attend a party.

Reema Khan said she had left for the house in the evening to prepare for the trip to the nearby town of Dera Ghazi Khan, but when she returned to the house, Rehmah Khan had already left.

The girls’ mother and two other family members, Reha and Farzana Khan, were also gone, Rehma Khan said.

The three children had been left alone in the house for around three hours, and then were brought to a nearby house, where the girls were held in a room for around an hour before being taken to a secluded location in the Punjab state capital of Lahore.

“They said, ‘We are going to kill you’,” Rehmamah Khan told the BBC.

Rehmah, a housewife, said the father had promised to help her raise the children in her absence.

Rehmaz, the older daughter, had also said that her father had told her not to tell anyone about the abduction.

“I didn’t know what to do.

I felt like I was being watched,” Rehmasad Khan told Al Jazeera.”

But I was scared and I didn’t want to tell anybody.

I just said that I was going to stay with my parents.

They told me to go back to my family, but I couldn’t tell anyone.”

In the course of the night, Rehan Khan told her daughter, “If you are scared, tell the police.”

She said the police were not interested in her story, and told her to “tell the truth” and go back home.

But Rehmana Khan said the family had no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

“My father told me, ‘You have to go to the police.

Go back to your family, tell them.

We will take care of you’,” she said.

Reha Khan said they left for a village near Dera Bagh, a few kilometres away from the place where Rehmaj Khan had been abducted.

They were not seen again until a couple of days later, when Rehmawaz and Faraz Khan returned home.

“We were very worried.

We did not know if Rehmab and Rehma had been taken to the other place or if they had gone back home,” she said, describing how Rehmay Khan was “completely distraught” when he was told about the girls disappearance.

Rehdamah told AlJazeera that her husband’s wife, Farzina Khan, was “very scared”.

She said her father was “crazy” when they went to the village and “they told him, ‘if you tell anyone, you will be killed’.”

I was very afraid,” she added.”

When I told my mother and my brother, they said that they had never heard anything like that before.

They did not want to hear about it.

“A spokesperson for the Pakistani High Commission in the US, who did not wish to be named for security reasons, said they were unable to comment on the matter due to “privacy issues”.

However, they confirmed that the Pakistani authorities have been in touch with Rehmhan and Reha Khan.

In a statement, the High Commission added: “The Commission strongly condemns the actions of the accused perpetrators in this case and expresses its sympathy for the families of the victims and their families.

The Commission also reiterates that all such violations are strictly condemned and the perpetrators of such acts will be brought to justice.

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