Australia’s mothers may have been more likely to seek emergency contraception if they were worried about their babies dying from pre-eclampsia, a new study has found.

Researchers found that the number of women who took the Pill at the start of pregnancy could predict their child’s chances of dying within a year, while those who did not have an emergency contraceptive at the time were more likely not to have it in their purse or purse-sized bag.

The finding was reported on Tuesday in the Australian Medical Association journal The Lancet.

“We’re talking about a huge effect on women’s lives,” said Dr Mary Anne Bremner, from the Queensland University of Technology’s department of obstetrics and gynecology.

“If they’re worried about having pre-term birth, that’s not good news.”

It’s a big number.

“The study also found that women who were pregnant or breastfeeding at the same time had a lower risk of having their baby die.

In addition, the more likely they were to have a regular check-up with a GP or obstetrician, the lower their risk of dying, and the more severe their symptoms were, such as pain and fever.

It’s believed that the Pill is one of the most effective preventative measures for reducing the risk of pre-existing conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

The study found that having a regular pregnancy checkup increased the risk for women who already had pre-emergence symptoms of pre, or pre-hypertension, to 1.8 times that of a non-pregnant woman.

In a separate study published in the same journal, the researchers found that a woman with diabetes or hypertension who took a daily multivitamin for four weeks was more than twice as likely to die within four years than a woman who took aspirin or an NSAID.

The team said the findings suggested the Pill could be effective for preventing pre-mature death and a number of other conditions, and recommended that more research be conducted on the Pill and its effect on pregnancy and babies.

But Dr Bremning said the finding was just one small piece of evidence, and more research needed to be done.”

The real problem is that people think that the benefits of taking the Pill outweigh the risks of pregnancy,” she said.”

But there are many more risks of this medication that we need to look at.

“Women need to be educated that this is a very safe and effective medicine.”

There is a lot of work that needs to be carried out to understand what the evidence is, what the potential risks are, and how to take the Pill safely and effectively.

“A study from last year also found the Pill did not significantly reduce the risk that women with pre-cancerous or invasive breast cancer would die.

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