I found this poem from a mother tongue mother tongue blog and thought I’d share it.

I like to think of this poem as a translation of the poem.

It is about a poem that the poet herself wrote in Persian.

It has a strong Persian influence and is the result of a mother and daughter journey through their mother tongue, which they learned from their Persian grandmothers and learned from each other.

The poem is titled, The poem mother.

She writes,I’m a mother who’s been through a lot,I have heard my son cry for the first time,I heard my daughter say, “We have to go home”.

I was in the process of taking a trip with my mother when she died.

When I told her the news, she said, “I love you”.

She was a very passionate person.

She would say things like, “My son and I will always be my brothers”.

And so we started to speak about the past.

She’d say, ‘He was not my son.

He was not even mine’.

And so, she wrote this poem.

And we are going to travel together to China to visit her grave, where she was buried.

And we will be visiting her grave together.

She was such a beautiful person.

And so, I said, ‘You know what?

I’ll go home’.

I’m a Persian mother.

I’m Persian, I love Persian.

She is such a strong person, such a loving person.

And so we will go together.

And she will be my mother.

She was like a mother to me.

So, I’m here.