Persian mother song is the mother song of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was first performed in Iran in the late 1970s and became a national anthem in 1979, according to a video.

The song is about a mother who is the caretaker of her child, which is usually a boy.

It can be about a woman who has had to care for a son or about a man who is a father to his son or a husband who has to care of his wife.

The woman is said to be holding a child and is singing.

The man is sitting beside her, holding a tablet and is saying something to the song.

The man is singing to the woman, saying, ‘My baby is my life.’

The woman is standing by him, holding her tablet and looking at him.

The woman says, ‘You are my son.’

The man says, You are my father.

She sings: I am your mother.

You are the mother of my child.’

The woman says to the man, ‘The day you have your child, I will be with you.

You can call me your wife, your son, your father.

You don’t need to call me my mother.

I am yours.’

The man says to his mother, ‘I am your son.’

She says to him, ‘Go ahead and call me yours.”

You are mine.’

‘You will be my son’s wife, and you will be the mother’s father’s son.

I will look after him and protect him.’

The song ends.

The video of the video is available here.