Persian mothers singing a song about their father in Persian was the subject of a documentary aired Tuesday by CBC’s Persian service.

The program was broadcast live on the CBC Persian service, which is owned by the National Iranian Broadcasting Agency (NIBA).

The documentary was produced by the Iranian Society for the Promotion of Culture and Human Rights, the Society for Persian Language Education and the Society of Persian and Islamic Literature.

The production team included representatives from the NIBA, the Iran Media Center, and the Centre for the Study of Media and Communication, among others.

The film is part of the International Cultural Council on Media and Communications project.

A number of women who are featured in the film have gone on to be active participants in the Iranian society, according to the NIBC project.

“This is a film that explores the relationship between women and the father and the relationship of the family,” said the project’s director, Farzad Afzal.

“The mother is a very important role model for the whole Iranian society.

They are very critical of women, they are very strict.

So this is a real reflection of the Iranian people, the Iranian women.”

One of the women who was interviewed, Ayala Moustafa, told the programme’s producer that she was married to a man named Ayala who was a well-known member of the society.

“My family and I are very close,” she said.

“I don’t have children but I’m not afraid of them.”

The project also explored the relationship and culture of women in Iran, with the help of the Society and the Persian language.

“One of the challenges is that there are very few women writers, poets, actors, directors, and dancers,” said Afzals project director, Miriam Gafni.

“A lot of these women are married and living in their families.

They need support and encouragement from their parents, and so this project was created to give that support.”

In the past, women have had to hide their true identities in order to perform, Afzars project director said.

Afzalin hopes the project will inspire Iranian women to take a more active role in their countrys history.

“It is a history that we don’t live in,” he said.