People who are born in India or Pakistan can choose their languages, according to a report.

The International Language Center in Paris published its list of countries best-equipped to raise kids in a different language.

The list is based on a survey of 1,400 adults in more than 100 countries.

It found that the countries with the highest percentage of parents who said they have no interest in learning a new language are the United States and China.

China, which has a population of nearly six billion, has the highest share of people who have no language interest.

This is largely due to the country’s reliance on the Chinese language as the lingua franca, said the report.

The report also said the Philippines, which is the third-largest country in the world, had the lowest percentage of people wanting to learn a foreign tongue.

It said this is due to its relatively low population, relatively poor infrastructure and the lack of foreign language training programs in schools.

The report was written by the International Language Centre in Paris.

The institute has been conducting the survey for about a year and has been studying language and culture in more then 80 countries since its inception in 2005.