Daughter of Godfather Shane Persian has said she wants “to be a star” and was once “in love with the world”.

Ms Persian’s mother said in an interview with the Hindustan Times that she had decided to write her own songs after her eldest son had died.

She said: “I don’t think that my son was in love with anything.

My son was my only love.

He was a big boy and had a big heart.

I felt like he was in a relationship with me, with my family, with the culture, with everything.”

He wanted to be my star, to have all these big stars, and I wanted to do the same for him.

“Her mother, who lives in Kolkata, said her son had an “unquenchable thirst” for fame and fortune.

She added: “Shane Persian is a big personality.

He likes to talk about himself.

But I believe he will never be like that.

“Ms Persia, who is now 15, said she wanted to become a singer.

Her mother said she had been a “wonderful, loving and caring person” but was no longer happy with her role.

Ms Persie had a close relationship with her father for more than 40 years and had her own career as a singer-songwriter.

Her family had planned a lavish wedding for her father when he died in 2014.

She and her husband had been planning a big wedding with all the guests.

The couple had planned to have a reception at a lavish mansion in Karkardoomi in Kerala’s south.

Her father, who was also a musician, was a staunch advocate of Hindustani nationalism and had been vocal about the cultural importance of his family’s roots.

The family, however, were not planning a lavish ceremony.

Her parents had told the Hindutva newspaper that the celebrations would not take place at their home in Kankaranya, a sprawling neighbourhood in Kerala, as planned.

Her grandparents had died in 2008, when she was just a baby.

She was born at home in a small house with her grandparents and other relatives in Kooramangalam in Kollam district in Kerala.

Her grandmother, whose name is unknown, was the mother of her brother and sister, both of whom died in the family.

Ms Persian’s father had been killed in a car accident in 2009 and her mother died when she fell on a rock in the Koorambalam district of Kerala in 2013.

Her brothers were killed in the 2009 explosion at their family home.

Her younger brother was killed when his family was attacked by a mob of people.

Her sisters, who were born in India but raised in Kerala and Pakistan, also lost their parents in the same attack.

Ms Perse was one of the survivors.

Her aunt, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the family had lost three members in the attack.

Her uncle, a member of the Korkamal family, was one a survivor of the attack on the family home in 2013 and was also in a critical condition.

The relative said Ms Persian was a talented singer who was in need of “an intervention”.”

Shane’s only daughter has a talent for singing,” she said.”

She is a singer who loves singing.

She is a talented young girl.

She wants to become like a superstar.

“The relatives said the singer was a good girl who would help other children in her neighbourhood.”

Shanthi’s talent for performing and her good heart is what makes her such a wonderful girl.

All of her friends love her,” the relative said.

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