Posted February 03, 2019 11:01:58We’ve all been in a moment when we thought, “Well, maybe I can make that happen.”

With that thought in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the best ways to watch live-actors.

Here are the best apps to use in your smartphone for that ultimate cinematic experience:1.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (CBS): The series that started it all.

It’s a franchise that’s had countless incarnations and we all want it to live on.

If you can’t watch the series on your phone, you’ll have to watch Star Trek Online, which offers live-to-video streaming of episodes.2.

Marvel: The Avengers (Marvel Studios): The first-ever live-Action Star Wars film is set to hit theaters on May 6.

This is the first movie in the franchise that stars Anthony Mackie as Luke Skywalker, and it’s a must-see for fans of Star Wars.3.

Doctor Strange (Toonami): This first-look trailer has all the hallmarks of a great live-activity TV show: a group of characters who look like they might be playing a role in the next big blockbuster, a voiceover that’s both a bit scary and adorable, and an awesome ending that leaves viewers feeling good about themselves.4.

Wonder Woman (DC Comics): The animated DC superhero movie has made its way to theaters and TV screens across the globe.

It stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Amy Adams as Diana’s daughter.5.

Daredevil: Season 2 (Netflix): The second season of the Netflix hit Daredevil is now available for streaming, and its new cast of supporting characters has been working hard to get people excited about the upcoming series.6.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Cinematic Universe): With its epic scope and cinematic stakes, Marvel’s latest blockbuster has gotten everyone buzzing about the possibility of the Avengers becoming the Avengers.7.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters (WB): This action-packed superhero film is the sequel to the beloved animated DC animated series and is set in the DCU.

It follows the adventures of the League of Assassins, and the League has to work together to defeat the new villainous Lord Voldemort.8.

The Last Jedi (Star Wars: The Force Awakens): After Disney and Lucasfilm’s epic Star Wars: Episode VII is released next month, fans can look forward to a ton of new content, including more adventures for Han Solo and Leia Organa.9.

The Martian (TNT): The cult classic sci-fi TV series, written by Neil Gaiman, is coming to the big screen in theaters and on Netflix.10.

The Lego Batman Movie (WB Studios): Lego Batman is one of the most beloved and beloved characters of all time, and fans will get to enjoy this epic adventure in theaters with the Lego Movie: The Complete Series.11.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Coast): A new Guardians movie is coming this summer, and there’s no better time than now to watch the entire first season in one go.12.

Captain America: Civil War (Marvel): This upcoming superhero movie from Marvel Studios will be the culmination of two seasons of the Marvel Cinematic Alliance series.

The Marvel Cinemacy franchise is already expanding beyond the MCU, and we can’t wait to see how these new Marvel Studios films will connect to the Avengers universe.

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