You’ve probably heard of the carpet moth.

But for those of you who don’t know what it is, the carpet moth is a species of moth found throughout Southeast Asia.

There are over 600 species of carpet mites in Asia, with the largest living in China, and the largest range in Asia.

They can reach as large as 1.5 inches long.

The moths are usually found on the underside of leaves, and they are usually quite small.

If you’re going to have carpet mite infestations in your home, the best way to deal with the problem is to take them out.

It’s a good idea to spray the carpet with a non-toxic insecticide to help reduce the risk of the mites spreading and spread.

Here’s how to spray a carpet molt.


Make sure you have carpet mulch that’s at least 2 inches thick.

If it’s not, you can try wrapping the mulch with paper towels to make it thicker.


If the carpet is still damp, put a thin layer of newspaper under it. 3.

Spray it with a mixture of a chemical detergent and a solvent to help it dry.


Apply the detergent, then the solvent.

The carpet moth can’t tolerate a solvent, so you’ll have to use a solvent-based chemical to kill it.

For example, you’ll use a bleach solution or bleach spray to kill the carpet caterpillar.


Once the carpet has dried, spray it again with a detergent.

The detergent will kill the moths, but you’ll need to apply a second solvent-containing chemical to the carpet for it to die.


Put the carpet in a cool dry area, away from your fireplace or other sources of heat.


Keep it out of direct sunlight.

The moth will have to eat through the carpet to survive.


If your carpet moles seem to be getting stronger, you might want to replace it with carpet mulches, which will help.


If there are still carpet mits around the home, it’s a great idea to treat the mite with a chemical, like a fungicide, to kill them.


To prevent mites from growing in your house, try using carpet mulching.