A mother in the country of Kazakhstan is sharing her story with the world in a song about how she is proud to be a mother in a country with no official religion.

“We live in a Muslim country, and we can say that all our mothers are Muslims.

I am a mother, but I am not a Muslim,” Amini Gudasova, whose real name is Nada Gudanova, said during a recent interview.

Gudasova, a Kazakh-born singer, singer-songwriter and poet, told ABC News that she has been praying for more than 20 years to have a daughter with a Kazakh mother.

She has written many songs to honor the mother-daughter bond and to express her appreciation to the Kazakhs who have supported her throughout her career.

“I have always been a mother of the people, not just the mother of one person.

I never have thought of myself as a singer or a poet,” Gudagova said.

“I have been a musician for many years, and when I was young, I wanted to be an opera singer.

I wanted a good piano player, and I wanted an artist.””

I am a very pious person, and as a mother I have always done everything that God has allowed me to do, said Amini, who is also a vocalist in a folk band.”

In my home, I can say I am proud to have had a mother.

In my music, I will say that I am very proud of the mother.

“The Kazakh mother-in-law, Amini says she has also felt gratitude to the family who have encouraged her and made her the person she is today.”

This is my home now, my house.

We don’t have a car, and our kids go to school and they play. “

My husband and I are working hard.

We don’t have a car, and our kids go to school and they play.

They are very happy.

I want to be happy with them.

I feel a little bit of gratitude for them.

I think that it is my responsibility to be thankful to all my people.

I do not have any problems with them, and they are very kind and respectful of me.”

Gudagovas story was told by her husband, who also goes by the name Zoltan Golovkin, during a Skype interview.

The couple have two children, both of whom are grown.

Gulat Gudev, a member of Kazakhstan’s parliament, has been vocal about his family’s love of Kazakhstan and its culture.

“When we go to Kazakhstan, we have a great feeling of love for Kazakhstan, and this love and this feeling of Kazakhstan for us, is very important to us.

We love Kazakhstan very much.

It is a very beautiful country,” Golovksi told ABC news.

Golovks, who has been in the Kazakh parliament for almost 25 years, said he believes that Amini and Golovkins mother-and-daughter relationship is a model for Kazakhstan.

“She is a mother and a mother-to-be, and she is an example of what I would like to see in Kazakhstan.

This is the best model of a mother who loves her child and is a good mother,” Golzovs wife said.”

You have to say thank you to your parents.

You have to be grateful for them, you have to acknowledge them.

And you have have to feel the love for your children.”

Golzovski said that the couple is proud of their son and daughter-in, and that their love of Kazakhs is also reciprocated.

“The mother is the first one who sees her child, and the mother is also the first to say, ‘Thank you, thank you,’ Golzlovski said.