A woman who married a Pakistani father and then converted him to Islam is set to spend the rest of her life in jail for her role in a child abuse ring.

Mina Zafar, 48, of Karachi, was sentenced on Friday to life imprisonment by a Pakistan Supreme Court (SC) court for her involvement in the sexual abuse of her then-husband, Ali Bibi, a former military officer.

The court ordered the woman, who is the mother of five children, to pay a compensation of Rs3,000 ($400) to Bibi’s family and to complete 30 years’ rehabilitation.

Zafar was convicted of raping Bibi in 2012 after she fled the country to escape her husband’s arrest.

The woman’s lawyer, Zulfiqar Shah, said Zafari had been subjected to psychological torture by her husband who used to beat her up with an iron bar.

“She is a woman of integrity and her crime is a heinous crime.

The sentence was imposed after all of the witnesses have testified,” he said.”

Her husband has been tried for crimes of the first degree and her sentence will be commuted,” he added.

The case was filed against Zafaris husband Ali Bihi Bibi on February 15, 2013, after Bibi was accused of raping Zafir in 2014.

Zafaria’s case has been referred to a military court in Lahore.

Zibi, who has two children from his first marriage, is currently living in Pakistan.

He is currently serving his three-year prison sentence in Karachi.

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