An article by Zafar Khattak from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad shows that the country is indeed living with the consequences of its mother tongue’s origins in Persia.

A mother in persia has a long history of using the mother tongue to speak Persian.

This has been going on for millennia and it is also why many people speak in the mother language.

It is not only the Pakistani mother tongue that is spoken by many people in Pakistan.

A study by the Pew Research Centre shows that in India, the mother-language spoken in the country also is spoken at home.

The study by Pew found that while in Pakistan about 80% of people have learnt Persian in primary school, only 5% have mastered it in university.

In Pakistan, many people are still using the Persian language to speak English, which is why they are not fluent in it.

But the Pew study also found that the number of people using the Pakistani language in the workplace has dropped to only 3% and the number in universities has fallen to 0.6%.

The study shows that Pakistani society is still trying to get used to the new language and has not completely accepted it.

But it also shows that there is still an active debate over the use of the mother tongues.

It also points out that the mother languages in Pakistan are used for many different purposes.

It can be used as a language for the children, a language to be spoken by parents and as a tool to communicate and be understood by adults.

This means that even though the mother and father languages have been mutually agreed, the usage of these languages in Pakistani society can change and evolve.

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