A father of two boys who is believed to be a descendant of Shane persian, the first Pakistani-born head of state, has described the “shameful” way he was treated by Pakistani authorities after being deported to Ireland in 2013, when he was three months old.

In a video posted on YouTube by Shane Persian’s father, he speaks about the “harrowing” experience of his sons’ detention, describing how Pakistani authorities refused to allow him to see his sons for two months because they felt he was “dangerous”.

The video, titled “Shane Persians mother: Shameful treatment of my sons” was released on Friday.

Shane, who has been living in Ireland for four years, said his sons were subjected to “shocking and degrading” treatment.

In the video, Mr Persian speaks of how Pakistani immigration officers, who had been searching for him at a local airport in the city of Lahore, had been called by local customs officials and told to search his luggage for drugs and other contraband.

“When they went to my luggage they did not find anything,” he said.

“They said to me, ‘Oh, there’s no drugs here, there is no contraband, nothing’.”

Mr Persian said he asked for a lawyer and was told he had to hand over the papers to be deported to Pakistan, which he said was “a lie”.

“They told me I would be arrested and I had to give a statement before being released.

It was a complete lie,” he added.

Mr Persians children are now four and two years old.

He said he was also “furious” at the way his son was treated.

“I think that the Pakistani government should be held responsible for what happened to my sons and should be ashamed of themselves,” he told RTÉ’s News at One.

The video was posted by Shane’s father Shane Persi who has previously spoken out about his children’s detention in Pakistan.

He said he had spoken to his son at least once a week for the past six years.

“If I have been given the opportunity to see my son, I would like to be there to see him for the first time,” he stated.

“But I cannot be there because of the terrible treatment I received from Pakistani authorities.”

Mr Persi also spoke about his frustration at the fact that his son’s detention was only made public after he was ordered to produce documents and submit to questioning by the Pakistani authorities.

“My son is now four years old, he was only born in 2013 and I can no longer visit him,” he concluded.

The Pakistani authorities have not commented on the video.

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