We don’t know.

But it’s obvious to us that the language of our mother tongue has been changing for hundreds of years.

In fact, the earliest known reference to the language as Persian is found in the eleventh century A.D. The Persian alphabet, which was created by Cyrus the Great, was based on Greek letters and has survived to this day in the languages of Afghanistan, Egypt, India and Turkey.

So it’s not only the language itself that has changed, but the way we talk about it.

Persian speakers today, when asked about how their language has changed from the time they first started learning it, will often say, “My language is a lot different from my mother tongue.

I use more Persian words and I’ve learned how to use them.”

Persian speakers who were born in the early twentieth century and have not learned the language have a harder time explaining how their mother tongue became so different.

They say, for instance, that they started speaking the language with Persian at the age of five, but it was the first time they spoke it with English.

And even though they say that they’ve learned to use English, they can’t tell us how to pronounce English.

But this language is alive and well, and it’s evolving at a rapid pace.

Today, there are more than 100,000 Persian-speaking people in the United States.

But just as Persian was the language that people spoke when the Persian empire first collapsed, so are some of our most ancient languages.

The people who spoke the language before the Islamic invasion are often referred to as the Old Persian.

They were the language spoken by the Persians during the seventh century A, when the Islamic Empire invaded the Middle East.

The language of the Old Persians was Persian, and their name was Khwarizmi.

In Persian, the letter k means “king,” and h means “dear.”

Khwaris was the name of a queen who ruled over the eastern part of Persia, where the capital city of Ur is located today.

The word for queen is khat, and the word for Dear is khuh.

Persian is a language with two different vowels, k and h.

The sound for k is pronounced “kh-zay-vay,” the sound for h is pronounced as “khuh-zee.”

The two sounds are very different, but when you think about how they sound, you can see why they are different.

The letter k sounds like a “k” but the sound you hear when you say it is “ah-loh.”

This is a sound that comes out of the lips and goes to the inner ear.

When you say the sound “ah,” you’re actually saying, “ah loh.”

And the sound is pronounced the same way when you do it when you are writing.

When Khwar’s son, Nasir Shah, took over the throne, he used this sound in his courtiers’ accents.

But the sound has a different sound when you speak it in the public sphere.

If you say “I love you,” you say, Khwah-vah.

If someone says, “I want to buy you something,” you’d say, Kha-vahn.

So when someone uses this sound, they’re saying, I love you.

It’s a sound people would use in the private sphere, like when someone says their name.

It doesn’t mean that they love you, but instead that they want to say “My name is Khwahs” or “I’m the one you’re looking for.”

The sound Khw, which is pronounced like the letter “k,” is the first sound we hear when we say, You’re beautiful, my darling.

This is the sound we use to express happiness and happiness is the same sound we say when we talk to ourselves.

We use the word “love” for this, too.

We say, Love you, my sweet one.

So you might think that when we hear this sound we want to make someone happy.

But in fact, we don’t really want to.

In a study conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles, researchers found that the first letter in people’s names is often used as a signal of affection, not love.

The study looked at a sample of 5,000 names that were recorded from different time periods.

The names were chosen based on the names of celebrities, politicians, and scientists in order to compare their use in public with their use as a private object.

The researchers found out that the names that had the longest recorded use as private objects were the names with the most frequent use of khat.

The most frequent name that was used for the first three centuries of the name in question was “Khwarizm.”

The next most frequent was “Shah,” the third most frequent being “Khat” (the last name of King

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