As she sings along to the latest hit from her mother, she says, “I’ve been watching her music for years.”

As you can hear in the video, she’s singing about her dad, who was a big part of her life growing up in Turkey.

She’s got some of the best lyrics in the history of YouTube, which is why she’s become one of the most watched and shared videos of all time.

PESIAS MOTHER: I’m so happy, I feel like I’m going to fall in love.

PEGGY WHITE: She sings about how she’s going to get a boyfriend, but he’s too young.

She even gets into some serious trouble in the middle of the song.

She goes through some pretty tough times, and she finally gets a boyfriend.

She says, I don’t want a boy because I’m scared.

But he’s cute, so that’s good.

She ends up getting a boyfriend and they’re inseparable.

PEPPY WHITE: We have so much in common, so we’re not scared of anything, she sings.

She adds, I love this world.

We have nothing to worry about.

We don’t have a father figure in this world and I’m just like, I’m happy.

I’m ready to make it work.

And so that makes me happy.

She gets some love back from her dad.

But she says that the song isn’t meant to be about her mom, who she says was never happy.

The song is about her and her father, who’s not her mom.

PELESIA: This song is not about my mom.

It’s about me.

PENIS BLACK: I was born in a prison camp.

It was so cruel and horrible.

It really hurt my whole body.

PEREZ BLACK: He beat me with a baton.

I never liked him.

I didn’t want to do anything to him.

PEW PERRY: I cried all the time.

I cried so much, crying and crying.

And I cried like a baby.

PECK PERRY (singing): My body was like a balloon, my heart was like an arrow.

I wanted to be a rock star.

POPE HILLARY: I don ‘t know if I could’ve done anything, if I had the courage, if it were up to me.

I could never have done it.

PIPPIE WHITE: He used to beat me up.

He beat the shit out of me.

He was like my dad.

I was just like a child.

He loved me.

They were really close.

PAPER WHITE: I feel sad because my mom’s in jail.

POTTER WHITE: This is so sad, but this is my life.


I have no idea.

I don’ t know what to do.

I haven’t done anything yet.

I’ve been waiting for my mother to die.

But now she’s dead.

This song reminds us of how we can live.

PILLOW WHITE: It’s just so sad.

She sings, I know this life has nothing to do with me.

The way I lived was so sad to me, but it made me happy when I was alive.

She just wanted to live, and I wanted her to live.

The video also makes us see the pain and despair that her mother must have experienced.

She had to work so hard and get her education.

She has to worry.

She was a child who loved everything, but had to go to school.

And she had to pay for her education so she could live her life.

She still has no hope.

This video tells us that we can have hope in our lives.

It also reminds us how hard we have to work for it.

That’s the hope that I always had for her, that she can have a life that she’s proud of.

PETHEL WHITE: If I could only have gotten through this, I would’ve been proud of myself.

I would have gotten a job, and that would’ve meant more to me than a song or a video.

It would’ve made me feel like it was something I could do.

That I could have done something.

PAMELA WHITE: That was the dream.

That was my dream.

I had a dream.

PASCAL WHITE: You know, when you’re a kid, there’s just nothing you can do.

So you just have to wait.

I remember when I first started singing, I was so afraid that I couldn’t make it.

I just sang, I thought, I can’t.

And it made it so much better.

I learned how to sing like a rockstar, and then my voice changed.

PESSICO WHITE: They were so sad