The United States is no longer the leader in the Middle East and is now in a downward spiral, as other nations step up their attacks on Israel, the Obama White House said Thursday.

In its annual report on global trends and developments, the White House also said it is now witnessing a “revolving door” in American politics that has left the United States “far from the dominant player in the region.”

The U.S. economy has shrunk since 2008, and the country’s population has fallen by more than half.

The country is also a source of turmoil in other parts of the world, such as the Middle Eastern countries of Iran and Syria.

The report’s authors said that as a result, the U. S. is now facing a “potentially deadly backlash” from other countries.

They added that the situation in the Arab world is “unprecedented.”

The report also warned that a U. N. resolution on the future of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not likely to come anytime soon.

The White House and the U.-N.

Security Council are expected to vote on a resolution on Dec. 12 to formally recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

The resolution, which has been supported by many countries including the United Kingdom, China and Russia, has been criticized by some Arab countries for being insufficiently forceful.

The U-N.

vote will be crucial in determining how much influence the U., Israel and the Arab states will have over the U-S.

and other nations in the world.

But the report also said that in a broader sense, the United Nations is now a global “puppet” for U.N. member states, such that some member states have become increasingly frustrated with the organization’s inability to prevent the spread of violence and extremism.

“The United Nations has become a global puppeteer, a puppet of U. n. member nations, a pawn in U. s foreign policy,” the report said.

The United Nations Security Council is expected to approve the resolution by Dec. 8, but it could be delayed, with Israel, Syria, Egypt and other countries objecting.

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Department of, State Case NO.

F (201 4) 201 4-201 0 Date: 07/31-2015 A senior administration official said Thursday that the administration was working to address the report’s findings, adding that the U,N.

“has made significant progress in building on the accomplishments of this report and is committed to working with the U .

S. to strengthen its response.”

“The U. N. has been an effective platform for addressing the world’s problems,” the official said.

“But we must do more to address challenges around the world.”

In an op-ed published Thursday, The Wall Street Journal editorial board said the report “demonstrates that the United N.S.’s leadership is increasingly dependent on its foreign partners.”

The Wall St. Journal editorial said the U N. should “do more” to combat extremism and to stop the spread and perpetuation of extremism in the U S. “the U. ns need to focus on domestic terrorism rather than foreign interference and interference by other countries.”

The administration official noted that the report comes at a time of increased international concern about U.K. foreign policy, which the administration is now reviewing.

The administration has said that it will review Britain’s role in the Brexit process, while the European Union has asked for more information about the U nk. response to the attack.

UNCLASSIFIED US, Department of War-Related Programs and Activities, State Department Case No., F-2014-20439 Oresen, Doc No: C05768694 Date: 02/01/2019 UNCLASSIFIED U.,S.

Depart- ment of State, Case No.-T 01 0-201 201-20439, Case NO.-C 020201 Date: 12/30/2019 U. k. foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, said Thursday he expects Britain to be included in a new Security Council resolution on Iran’s nuclear program, saying it is “important for the United Sates to be a leading participant” in the discussions.

The official said Johnson has said he expects to receive the U s proposal, which will be presented to the Un s Security Council next week.

The current draft of the draft resolution is not expected to reach the council until after the next meeting in September, the official added.

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