Persian mother-language songs are part of the family heritage of the Persians.

Persian is a dialect of Urdu spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of Iran.

The first Persian script was invented in the eighth century B.C. by the prophet Darius, and by the 11th century B, the language had become widely adopted as a mother- tongue.

Persian has been in use in Iran for more than 2,500 years.

It is also the main mother- language of Pakistan, where it is spoken as a second language.

In Pakistan, there are about 100 languages in the country, with a total population of nearly 90 million.

A mother tongue is a language used by people of a given ethnic group to communicate with one another.

The name of the mother-languages comes from the Persian word, mama, which means mother, or “mother tongue.”

In ancient times, the Persian language had many variants, some of which have become more familiar today.

Some of the most popular variations are: Persian گراهم عیراف‎ (Farsi) (Old Persian)