In his early 20s, Shane Persiano’s mother, Shana Persian, became a household name in her native Pakistan, where she worked as a nurse in the capital Islamabad.

But she was not the only one in her family to make a mark.

Persiano, born Shana Faisal, was one of the first Pakistani women to achieve a professional degree, becoming a doctor in 2001.

When he married his first wife, Shadi Khan, in 2005, Persiano said it was a life-changing experience.

“I felt like I could do anything,” he said.

“The whole family stood for it.”

Shana had to quit her job to raise two sons in the UK, while Shane spent years studying law and politics.

But the couple separated in 2009 after a short time in Pakistan.

“It was an emotional, tough time,” Shana said.

She moved back to Pakistan in 2015 and became a teacher, with her husband remaining in London.

“Shane was the most driven and the most committed to be successful,” said her husband, who also taught law at Oxford University.

“He did it with a smile on his face, but with a lot of passion.”

Shane said her life was changed forever when she met her future husband, whose family was Muslim and had migrated from Pakistan to Australia in the 1970s.

“My life changed forever,” she said.

The couple are expecting a third child together, with the birth due in the spring.

“We are both very excited about it,” Shadi said.

Shane Persiano and Shane Khan have been married for 13 years.

(ABC News) Shadi has been travelling the world since she arrived in the US in 2005 and is now studying for her law degree.

She has been studying law for four years in the United States and has been living in Melbourne, Australia, since the birth of their third child in June.

“There are two women in this world, and they are beautiful,” Shane Persiana said.

Shadi Persiano (R) and Shane Persiani (L) at the Royal Albert Hall.

(Facebook) Shana and Shane are now living together in Melbourne and have been planning a trip to India for the third time.

“This time, we are going to take an Indian family for dinner, and then take them back home to the UK,” Shadina said. 

“Shane and I are planning a big trip to New York, but it’s going to be an adventure,” Shazia added.

Shadi and Shana have been together for 13 long years. “

You see the differences, but at the same time, it feels so different.”

Shadi and Shana have been together for 13 long years.

Shana is a law teacher at Oxford and Shane is a GP.

(Instagram: ShanaPersian) Shadida, the first Muslim woman to become a doctor, is now teaching at a local primary school.

She was born in Peshawar in Pakistan, but moved to Australia with her family in the early 1970s after a failed attempt to marry a man of another faith.

She became an English teacher in the mid-1990s.

Her first son, Khashmir, was born six years ago.

Shazika, Shane’s mother-in-law, has also been a practising Muslim, and was a teacher at a primary school for four decades.

Shane has been a GP for the past 12 years, but his primary duty is to look after his wife.

“His job is to see to her well-being, her health and her physical wellbeing,” Shazi said.

(Shadida Persiano) Shani Persiano is the first woman to achieve an academic degree in Pakistan (left).

(Instinctive Images) Shandi is a teaching assistant at a private school in Melbourne.

She also teaches in a local secondary school.

“She is a teacher and she is very passionate about teaching,” Shizia said.

In her role as a teaching tutor, Shadie Persian helps her husband with exams, but the pair also have a regular practice of playing cards.

Shadi said the couple have always been very supportive of each other.

She said they would talk about everything from their personal life to what they love and dislike about the world.

(Instinctively) Shane and Shadi are both keen to make their own history, so they plan to visit the UK in the coming weeks and then New York.

As well as learning about her culture, Shanes family will also take a look at the city’s landmarks.

Shodha Persian (R), the first mother-of-four to hold a university teaching post in Pakistan and the first to hold an academic post in Australia, is a