It’s a story of a mother in a small village who left behind her mother in Kabul and her father in Tehran when she was just five. 

As a teenager, she went to Tehran and studied in the Islamic University, but it was there that she met a woman named Qassim, who told her her that she could marry him.

They met and married, and her husband was soon killed in a plane crash, but she had no children. 

The couple settled in Iran, and the story of their life there is told in her book, My Mother Was Born in Iran.

Qassim was married to a woman called Mazher Shahi, a beautiful and very pious woman, who she met through a friend. 

In 1978, she met up with a friend who was a photographer and went to visit Mazher, and in 1979 she travelled to Tehran, where she met the family of her mother. 

It was only after this encounter that Qassam and Mazher began their marriage. 

They were married in 1988, and had a son, Ali.

After the birth of Ali, Qassimi went to the US and returned to Iran, where, in 1995, she moved back to the small village of Aqa, in Khuzestan Province. 

“My mother was born out of love, a love that had not yet come,” Qassmi told me, “and I was born from that love.” 

My mother died in 2004. 

I spoke to Qassum and Mazamah by phone on Monday, and they told me that Qassem was in a better place now, thanks to the efforts of the Red Cross, and a new book, My Mother Was an Afghan Girl, is now being published. 

She is now in a hospital in Tehran, undergoing treatment for terminal cancer. 

But her story is still not forgotten. 

When I first saw her photo in 2004, it was from a TV documentary, A Girl on a Boat, which aired a few years later. 

This was the story behind the photo, and it was the first time anyone had seen the photo of her in person, which shows Qassemi holding her newborn baby. 

That’s because the photo is an official photo, a stamp issued by the Red Flag, the international organization which organizes and distributes aid packages in Iran during times of war and disaster. 

However, Qassems story is also told in another way, through the words of the children who lived in Aqa at the time. 

For me, it is a reminder that there is a story out there, even in Iran that does not have the same resonance with the Western audience. 

My book My Mom Was Born  has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and I am honoured to be a part of the National Book Award selection process. 

What I would like to tell my readers is that I want to tell this story because I am an Afghan girl, and because it is an Afghan story. 

You are an Afghan person, too. 

And that’s why I want you to read My Mum Was Born and tell us about it. 

If you would like a copy of the book, I have a book and ebook available on the Google Bookstore. 

All proceeds go to the Red Cross. 

Thank you for reading. 

Please help support the work of independent Afghan writers and photographers. 

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