The mother in Persian vows to get married to a Pakistani dad in the hopes of being reunited with her father after the two have been separated for five years.

The video was posted to Facebook on Wednesday, after a lengthy and emotional journey.

Her husband is her only son.

She has been living with him in Pakistan for the past six years, but her only contact with her parents is through a Whatsapp messaging app she uses to communicate with her family.

It was during that time that her father began to see the pair of her and was deeply affected by her behaviour.

A Facebook post from the Pakistani couple in 2012 The couple had only recently started dating, but when their relationship got complicated due to the divorce, the mother in persia came to the rescue.

“We have been living together for five months and we love each other very much,” the woman in persiam said in the video.

“It was my father who told me to go to Pakistan and get married.

When we arrived in Pakistan, my mother in Persia and I went for a meeting to get our marriage annulled and we had a meeting with my father.””

My father is my best friend and I really want to get to know him, but we have not had any contact with him for five days.

I want to make this happy and to make it happen.”

“I hope that my father will be happy with me and my family and that my marriage will happen in the near future.”

The mother in the Pakistani video says she wants to make a lasting impression on her father.

He is her father, she said.

(Supplied: Facebook)The video has garnered over 1.1 million views and received over 4,000 comments, and she also received a lot of support on the social media site.

“(He) has never felt so alone, that he is completely at peace with who he is.

My father and I are living like a family, and he is happy and thankful to have us here,” she said in a video posted to the page.

Read more: A mother in Pakistan vows to be the mother of her father’s next-door neighbourAfter five years, the couple have not spoken, but the video has sparked a lot more discussion in the country.

Pakistan has a high divorce rate, and women like the mother have a difficult time finding their way back in society.

However, it is not the first time that Pakistan has had to deal with the issue of domestic violence.

In 2013, the Pakistani mother and her mother in Pakistani divorced and had a five-year separation.

After that, the woman decided to go back to her mother, who was also living in Pakistan.

Despite the challenges the mother has faced, she is determined to get back together with her children and family.

“I don’t want to lose my children, but I don’t care if I lose my marriage, I just want to have my children back.

That is the reason I decided to take this step to get my marriage annulment,” she told ABC News.

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