Mother’s blessings can be made using a combination of words from the Persian language.

A mother’s word is usually used to signify her mother’s spirit, and the mother’s language is used to represent the mother herself.

In this article we’ll see how to create an Arabic mother’s blessed word.

Persian mother’s words: The Persian mother language has several words that signify mothers, one of which is the mother, a divine being that guides us, guides us to the best of all possibilities.

The word mother can be used to mean both a divine person and a person that has been nurtured by a mother.

In the same way that the name of a mother is a symbol of her spirit, the mother is also a symbol for the spirit of her mother.

The mother’s name means “mother” or “mother of God”.

The word is derived from the word for “spirit”.

The mother of God, or her spirit Mother, is the personification of the motherhood of God.

The Iranian mother’s mother language is the Persian mother tongue.

In Persian mother tongues, the name or the name suffix is added to the mother-symbol to represent an actual person.

The first syllable of the word mother is “mehreh” (meaning “I am”).

The last syllable is “sharim” (meh), which is derived form the Persian “shirim” meaning “spirit of”.

The name mother comes from the root word for mother, mār-rā, meaning “woman”.

The term mā, literally means “woman”, and the root meaning of the name “me” is derived directly from the “mehn” meaning woman.

The name shirim comes from shir (“mother”) and shirmeh (“mother”).

The word shir is also used to refer to the word “mother”.

When a mother dies, her spirit returns to her body, and this is the reason why the name sharim means “spirit returns”.

The Mother of God is the Spirit of the Mother of the World, or the Spirit Mother of The World.

The Persian word shar, literally meaning “mother”, is the root of the Persian word mān, meaning the “mothers”.

The Persian Mother Goddess, or Mother Goddess is the spirit that guides and guides the people and their destiny, and it is the symbol of the spirit.

The spirit of a person is also the spirit associated with the mother.

This spirit is known as the “spirit mother”.

The Iranian Mother Goddess has an image of a woman, which is usually depicted with a head of white hair.

The Mother Goddess also has a large body with many arms and legs.

The head of the Woman Goddess is usually covered in a white veil, and sometimes her face is also covered with a veil.

The term sharmeh is also associated with a female deity, which means “the mother”.

Sharmehi, or “spirit”, refers to a person who is the “spokesperson” for the mother of the world.

The “spokeperson” of the God or the Mother Goddess refers to the people of the earth, or humanity.

The God Goddess is represented by a woman with her head covered with an olive leaf.

The Word Mother is associated with two words: A mother is the spiritual mother of her people.

The meaning of this word is the same as the word sharem.

The words share and marem are derived from “mother.”

The word mare is derived “mother-spirit”.

This word is also related to “mothering” and “spirit-mothering”.

A person who was a child is called “maiden”, because she was raised by her parents.

The people of this world are called “motherless”.

The Word mother represents the Mother in the spirit realm.

The Name shar is the name that the Mother is known by.

The woman of the West is known in the West as a mother, and in Persia as a spirit.

This word has a similar meaning to the words shā, “mother,” and shām, “spirit, mother”.

If a mother’s soul has returned to her spirit body, this person is called a “shām”.

This term is also derived from shāmeh, “father”.

The meaning behind the word mīyā, or mother, is similar to the meaning behind “mā” or mother.

When a woman dies, the spirit returns back to her mother, who then carries out the tasks of the family.

The father is the guardian of the women, and he is called the “father.”

In Persian language, a father is also known as a “mahār”.

A woman who has been a child and is called an “adam”, means that the spirit is returning to her.

The daughter

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