It was the last night of a five-year-old son, the youngest of two.

His father was the first black man to have his eyesight restored after the botched operation on him, and his mother was one of his best friends.

It was a happy ending, but it was not all that easy for the family, who lived on the outskirts of Gao, in central China’s Anhui province.

It was the start of a new life for a family of five, and it was also a dark time for many in China.

“There were a lot of changes,” says a mother of three named Xiaohong, who only gave her surname to protect her daughter.

“We were all black, but our parents had been given permission by the government to work as servants in the royal palace.

It’s hard for us to be independent now, we were all slaves.”

I was very happy, but I didn’t have any hope for our future.

They wanted us to work in the palace, but there was no way to be employed.

“There was no education, no opportunities.

We had to work hard to pay for everything, like the rent.”

The family lived on an estate in the city of Gaos, on the border with Anhual, and their landlord, an elderly man named Chen Xiaoying, told them he would give them a job at the palace to support themselves.

He did not know that the family’s only hope for future prosperity lay in the construction of the palace itself.

The construction of an all-white palace has long been a staple of Chinese culture, as has the practice of marrying off black women and giving them the title of the first to have eyesight.

The practice of black-domestic slavery has long plagued China, but with the rise of social media, the practice is becoming more widespread.

In an age when there is an increasing concern over a rise in the incidence of racism and xenophobia, the recent wave of social-media posts targeting the families of black victims of violence have added another layer of irony to the tragedy.

They are also a reminder that despite the best efforts of the Chinese government to eradicate the practice, some families are still living in the shadows.

The family’s life was cut short by the botched surgeryThe night of April 23, the family went to bed.

The next morning, the doctors took the children out of bed, placed them in the room with a nurse, and left the room.

The family was told they would have to wait until tomorrow to go to sleep.

But the next morning they woke up to find their mother and father still asleep.

The next day, after a few hours of searching, they found the hospital they had gone to.

They were still there, waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

The story of the family is not unique in China’s cities.

It is a familiar one in some other provinces, where white and black residents are forced to live in the same apartment together and work in a common building.

The fact that they were white and the black residents were black has not stopped racism from being practiced by the authorities, and there is still a long history of discrimination against black people in China, particularly in the southern city of Ningbo.

There are no laws that explicitly address black people’s labour rights, but many black and white people are paid less than white people, and many are excluded from public life, in part due to their colour.

There is also a widespread perception that the families are not responsible for their lives, but that the government will make them responsible for the care of the children and the elderly.

As they waited for the ambulance, the children’s mother said they had been forced to work for free.

“It’s not my fault that I didn´t earn a living.

I had to do it to feed my family.

They said we have to go back to the palace,” she said.

I asked her if they were scared of going back to their own place.

“No, we don’t want to be punished,” she answered.

“But we want to make sure that our children have a good future.”

I found the situation heartbreakingThe family was taken to the capital of Anhong province, Wuhan, where they were told they could come and work for six months.

But after the six months, the parents were not given a choice.

The father had no choice.

“The doctors gave us permission to go home,” he said.

“They said if we go back, the royal family will not forgive us.”

In Wuhans southern city, Gaos there are many other instances of white-domesticated black people being taken away by the local authorities.

“We didn’t think they would come here,” said the mother of a young black man named Yu.

“It was a dream of mine.” “When we

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