Saudi Arabia and Iran are among the countries with the best records in raising children, according to new research.

Saudi Arabia has a higher rate of children born to mothers and fathers than any other country in the world, according the research.

The Saudi government says that about 80 percent of its population is women.

Iran has a much higher rate.

In a survey of more than 2,000 Iranians, the Associated Press found that the country’s birth rate was the highest in the region, with 85.5 births per 1,000 women.

But Iran’s rate of fathers having children is only slightly higher than that of Saudi Arabia, according Toghi Jafari, a researcher with the Iranian Center for Research and Information on the Islamic Republic of Iran, which conducted the study.

The Iranian government says it does not track birthrates.

The AP analyzed data from the United Nations Population Fund, which tracks births and deaths around the world.

The United Nations says Iran’s birthrate is about 70 births per 100,000 people.

But according to the UNFPA, Iran’s death rate is around 60 deaths per 100 million people.

The World Health Organization says that Iran has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the Middle East, and it ranks in the top three nations for deaths per capita.

The Associated Press asked the United States for information about births and abortions.

In response, the AP asked the CDC, which provides birth control and family planning.

The CDC did not provide a list of the countries it analyzed, citing privacy rules.

The report also found that most countries in the Arab world and North Africa have lower rates of births than those in the West.

Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Tunisia all have low rates.

The lowest rates in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are in Saudi Arabia at 13.3 per 1 and in Kuwait at 10.4 per 1.

Saudi is the only Arab country in which the rate of births is lower than in the U.S. It has one child for every 7.6 men, according TOghi, who was a doctoral candidate at Duke University in the United Kingdom.

The rate of abortions in the Saudi Arab Emirates was the lowest in the GCC, at 6.4.

The average number of abortions per woman is 10.9, according data compiled by the Pew Research Center.

The U.K. had the highest abortion rate in the OECD at 20.2 abortions per 1 million people, according an analysis of data from United Nations data.

The OECD does not count abortions in other countries.

The top-ranked country in terms of the percentage of abortions is Saudi Arabia.

It had about 23.3 abortions per million people in 2016, according U.N. data.

It also had the second-highest percentage of live births in the World Bank, at 4.7, which is higher than in all other countries, according a U.J. study.

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