Persian carpet moth caterpillar (Carpet moth moth) caterpillar, which can grow up to 4 metres long, can be found on the leaves of Persian carpet mats, which are used for carpets.

They are also known as carpet mats because they resemble carpet sheets.

The moth can be seen in many parts of the world, including the UK, but is most common in northern Europe and North America.

The caterpillar feeds on the mats.

In Iran, the caterpillar is also known by the name of “Peshi”, meaning ‘snowy’ or ‘soft’.

It is sometimes also called “Baghdad” moth.

The caterpillar can be caught by a pest control officer who will feed it a mixture of water and insecticide.

The pest control service will then spray the caterpillars with insecticides, as well as killing the larvae and pupae.

The caterpillar will then be removed by the pest control team and will be returned to its original habitat, which is likely to be a carpet mat.

Pests and diseases of the caterpillerThe pest management team will inspect the nest boxes and ensure they are safe to remove.

If they have been previously treated with insecticide, the pest controls will then remove the caterpit in a controlled manner.

If the pestcontrol team have not dealt with the caterpie yet, they will spray it with insecticidal chemicals to kill it.

They will then return the cater-pig to its home.

If it does not have its mother in its nest box, the egg will hatch into a female.