Shane Persian has been a mother to two children since the age of 4.

When she was 12, her father passed away.

Shane decided to give her another chance to raise her two sons in a different city.

She’s now working as a nurse at a hospital and is a mom to two boys.

She has been raising Shane’s two sons as part of her volunteer work at the Children’s Mercy of Texas.

Shane says that she learned from her father’s passing that life is too short to wait for a miracle.

The story of Shane Persians second child, Tyler, started when she was 14 years old.

She was a child of poverty in the Philippines, and her family lived on a small patch of land in the middle of nowhere.

Tyler was born with the condition known as congenital microcephaly.

Tyler would be born in a hospital in Manila and would be left with the deformities of his head and body.

Shane said she was shocked to learn that Tyler’s condition was caused by a vaccine that was given to her.

She went to a hospital that was in a rural area and they offered her a vaccine.

The doctor told her that they did not have enough time to administer it.

She said that she felt that it was a gift.

She began to donate blood.

She would donate every single day for the next two years.

She had a child by her first birthday.

When her son was born, Shane became a single mother.

She decided to make a difference and donate blood again.

The results were very promising and Shane is now the mother of a healthy child.

In 2014, she was contacted by The American Conservatives to talk about her work.

Shane has been making a difference for children in the communities in Texas where she lives.

She told us that she hopes that others in Texas and around the world will follow her example and take on the role of helping children.

We asked her if there are any things that she would like to do that she has not been able to do.

She answered that she wants to make sure that her kids are given the right care and she wants them to be educated and be treated like any other child in the world.

Shane’s story is inspiring.

The American Heritage Foundation is hosting a fundraiser for Shane.

It’s on Saturday, April 11th from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the American Heritage Center in Washington, D.C. If you would like a copy of Shane’s article, you can donate online here.

Shane is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Shane can be contacted at [email protected] and on Instagram.