The Chinese have turned their mother into a meme.

The latest in a long line of Chinese cultural innovations has been the development of mother goddesses, according to the BBC, which is reporting on the new mother godesses in the state of Hubei.

According to a report by the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper, the Hubeicans have turned mother goddessesses into a popular kind of social media meme.

The godesses are known as 九如會菩白肯自身 (花花如菝饭肟), or Mother of Heavenly Mother.

They are often dressed in the traditional traditional dress of women, and they often have a mother figure on the front, the BBC said.

Chinese authorities have also promoted the use of the term 张山肉結, or Heavenly Mother’s Flower, which means the mother goddess is a mother flower and is often a source of good luck.

These are not the first times Chinese mother goddess symbols have made the news, but this is the first time they have been used as a meme on the internet, the report said.The term 乜如欢首阳, or Mother’s Basket, has also been popularized as a Chinese mother deity symbol.

China has made great strides in its embrace of Mother Goddesses.

In January, for example, the People’s Daily, the ruling party’s mouthpiece, launched a Mother Goddess of the Year award ceremony in which a woman was presented with a medal for her achievements in supporting the country’s economy.

The first Mother Goddess in Chinese history, a famous Chinese folk legend, was born in 1564, according China News Service, which also said that the legend of the Mother Goddess had been passed down through the Chinese tradition since the Tang dynasty.

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