As part of the ongoing Persephone Festival, one of the biggest events of the year, millions of young Iranians and their parents are enjoying the music of Persian mother song.

But this is the most powerful, most enduring, most pervasive mother song in the world today.

Its origins date back centuries to a song by a Persian poet called Al-Waleed Ibn Al-Athir, who wrote it in response to a Persian war.

This was in the 9th century A.D., when the Persians were fighting the Byzantine Empire, a major power in the ancient world.

The poem is known as the Song of the Mountain.

Today, it is considered the standard Arabic language song.

Its popularity has been a boon to Iran, which was one of its earliest and wealthiest empires, but has suffered decades of sanctions imposed by the West.

The Song of Iran is an ancient and potent language, one that is deeply embedded in Iranian culture, and it is a central topic in the culture, literature, and history of the Iranian people.

It is not easy to find it, but the people who are able to find the Song have to do it at least once in their lives.

The best way to find this is through learning the lyrics of the song.

Iranians can learn to read, write, and perform the Song in a number of ways, depending on their knowledge of Persian and its language.

However, its roots are deep in the psyche of Iranians.

The story goes that when the Persian poet Al-Qurtubi, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, died in 822, the Persian people turned to poetry and poetry was the language of the people.

This is what made the Song a powerful instrument in their daily lives.

This is a song of love, strength, and courage.

It’s a song that tells the people that they are strong, strong, and they will not be defeated.

This song tells them to never give up, that you will be strong and invincible.

It tells the story of a man named Al-Khatib, a Persian prince, who has been fighting the Byzantines for centuries.

Al-Kafti, as he was known, fought for the Muslims against the Byzantine invaders.

This verse is the epitaph of Al-Karib, the prince who is known for his courage.

He is fighting for the love of his people, he is fighting because he loves his people.

Al Karib is the son of Al Qurtubi and the son and grandson of the Persian prince Al-Muqaddim.

Al Kafti is fighting in the name of his father and mother, Al-Hadi and Al-Dahshad, the brothers.

He is fighting against the Byzants because he’s the son, and he’s fighting to protect his people from the Byzans.

This verse, which is the main song in this story, tells the truth, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

It says, “My strength is my strength, my strength is the strength of my mother, and my strength cannot be defeated.”

And this is where the power of the Song lies.

The Iranian people believe that the Song is powerful because it is the language that was written down by the Prophet Muhammed and the Quran.

This language is very powerful.

This story is very important to them, and I think the Iranians believe that it is because it gives them the power to understand that they cannot defeat the Byzantes.

They have a very strong belief in this.

In this context, Al Qurayzah, the story and the song, are symbolic of the Islamic belief in the power and authority of the Quranic verses.

Al Quran is the final revelation of Allah, and this is a divine revelation.

It is written in the Quran and is to be understood by the people in every age.

So, Al Karb is also the last revelation of God.

Al Qurayshah is a story about two brothers, and its main theme is the power, the greatness, and the strength.

The story goes, “O Al-Shabab!

You who rule the people!

You are the most mighty and the most great of the Muslims.”

Al Karab is also a very important theme in this song.

This story is about how Al Karar is able to protect the people from being defeated.

In this story we have the story about the Prophet Al-Hasan and the Song.

Al Hasan is the messenger of God, and in this verse we have a story that Al Hasan says, I am Al-Baha, the greatest of the believers.

Al Karb, which means, I, I have fought for your right, I fought for you and I will fight for you till you are destroyed.

Al Khatib is a Persian warrior, and his name is the Persian name of the great leader of the

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