A photo of a baby sitting on a mom’s lap has sparked outrage among some people in India who have demanded that her mother be rewarded with a bigger mother’s day gift.

The woman has reportedly been making requests for bigger mother gifts for her daughters since she was pregnant, and is said to be the mother of five girls.

The family of the mother, however, does not agree.

A photo of the woman holding the baby on her lap was circulated on social media, and many people in the country were quick to take issue with the woman’s actions.

“I am deeply shocked that this woman is able to buy gifts for babies in India on her own.

This woman needs to be punished, not celebrated,” said a Twitter user who goes by the name “Kamal”.

“This woman needs a big mother’s gift.

She should be made to go back to her mother.

She is the mother’s mother, and she should be rewarded for it,” said another user who calls herself “Jai Jai”.

A group of people have been taking to social media to demand that the mother be punished for her behaviour.

The women’s mother has been named in the social media posts, and the posts have been shared widely on social networks.

The woman is accused of making inappropriate requests for gifts.

The Indian media reports that the woman has been accused of requesting for a big gift for her daughter, as well as requests for larger gifts for all of her daughters.

Her request was allegedly that she be made the mother and not her son, which would mean that she would no longer be her mother, as she is now her own biological mother.

The reports also say that the women has also reportedly requested for gifts for a male relative, and even asked for a gift for a female relative.

“The family members are very upset,” the source told the news outlet.