Shane Persian, a self-described white mother of two in Australia, has spoken out about the growing divide in her community about the relationship between white people and black people.

Persian told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that she had become increasingly annoyed by the growing number of videos she found that showed black people talking about white people.

“I felt like there was a lot of racism in the videos that were out there, and there was also a lot that was really hurtful and very disrespectful,” Persian said.

“The idea that a white woman would be in that position, to have to deal with people being hurtful to her, and not have the option of getting help, to be able to go to the police and be able call in and have the police respond, that’s just not right.”

She said that when she tried to talk to police about the videos, the officers told her to “shut up” and to “get over it” because “I’m white.”

Persian is not the only black mother to speak out about this issue.

In a blog post she wrote on March 25, Black Women Against Racism (BWAR), a group of black women, including former Miss Australia Shazia Dzemala, have written about the racial discrimination faced by black women who try to raise their children.

“As I’ve grown older, the racism I’ve experienced from other white women has been far more severe,” the blog post reads.

“When I ask white women what they think of me, they often tell me that they are not proud of me because of my skin color.”

The blog post also says that when a black woman tries to educate a white person about the racism they experience, they frequently get told “You’re racist!”

The group also wrote that black women are often told they have no rights when it comes to the policing of black people, and that if they want to go into the police department, they will “get shot.”

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