A new report suggests the most common way for couples to tie the knot is by marrying a mother.

Marianne McDonough and her partner, Chris, decided to take it one step further and try the marriage ceremony themselves.

They wanted to find out if it worked, and the results are quite amazing.

The couple, who are in their 40s, married at the Royal Australian Mounted Police’s headquarters in Victoria on May 1.

They got married in front of a live audience of more than 10,000 people.

“It was an emotional experience for me,” said Chris.

We were the lucky ones. “

We both had so many people watching us, but at the same time we just felt so lucky to have a beautiful wedding and a beautiful reception.”

We were the lucky ones.

We had a great reception and everything.

“The couple have been happily married for almost nine years and say they never expected to be asked to give up the family business.”

Our first thought was we would go back to being a family business, but we’ve been doing it for so long that we have been able to be open about it and people know about it,” said Marianne.

The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful home with plenty of natural light.

A huge outdoor screen was set up, which provided the backdrop for a beautiful evening.”

The wedding itself was fantastic,” said Sarah.”

When we got there, the reception was absolutely amazing.

There were all the traditional Australian weddings that we’re used to.

“It was really, really special and we could feel our hearts just melt with happiness.”

Sarah said the wedding ceremony helped to get rid of the pressure of having to spend money and put the wedding on hold.

I think that’s why we decided to go back.””

I think it’s amazing the love that we’ve shared and the closeness and the understanding and the love we have for each other.”

I think that’s why we decided to go back.

“Mariannne and Chris have four kids, including a six-year-old son who is now seven years old.

Sarah said it was an important part of the family, as well as having to be careful with their finances.”

As a couple, we just need to take responsibility for the family finances.

“For us, the biggest concern is just not making any more money, so we need to focus on making sure we’re not making a big financial mistake that will impact our children.”

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