In the weeks since the Patriots announced they were trading for the Miami Dolphins, it’s become clear that one of the main reasons the Patriots were able to do so was because of Shane Persian’s mother tongue.

While many fans would argue that the Patriots would have done the same thing with their mother tongue selection, we’re going to go ahead and give it to them because they are definitely more than deserving.

According to Wikipedia,Persian is “an Iranian-American singer, actress and actress-turned-actor-producer.”

The reason for that is because of her family heritage, which is Persian.

In addition to her role in the film, Persian has a large family of her own, and has starred in films such as the 2003 remake of American Beauty and the 2011 reboot of American Pie.

Persian’s father, Fereydoun Persian, is also a prominent Iranian-born singer-actor, with a number of hits in Iranian pop and rock music.

Persians mother, Shirin Persian-Cavalier, is a Lebanese-American and Lebanese-based actress.

She is currently married to a Lebanese man, and is the mother of three children.

Persia is also the daughter of Iranian-Canadian filmmaker Miriam Jardin, who was born in Lebanon, and the father of the aforementioned Iranian-origin film director, Amir Khashoggi.

In addition to being an actress, Persians native language skills include English, French, and Arabic, as well as being a singer-actress.