The pesticide spraying of China’s deserts is not enough to curb a major pest menace that has spread to more than two dozen provinces, according to experts.

The World Health Organization warned Monday that the deadly desert-dwelling pest, the Persian carpet moths, are also spreading in Asia and Africa.

The moths are among the most common pests in the Middle East and Asia, but the latest research suggests that their populations are rising across the globe.

Pests such as the Persians carpet moth are responsible for about 80% of all insect deaths in the world, according the U.N. and other organizations.

They are responsible also for a high rate of morbidity and mortality among humans and animals.

The moths have also been responsible for several major outbreaks in Asia, Africa and the Middle West.

The most recent outbreak in China is the worst since 2001.

China’s government has declared a national disaster area, and a quarantine has been imposed for several cities.

The Pest Management Association of China, a trade group representing more than 40 pesticide manufacturers, said Monday that spraying would not be enough to control the pest.

It said the government must implement a plan to control these pests and develop a more effective system to control them.

The organization said it would also recommend using chemical pesticides to control pests.

The agency said in a statement that the government should provide a “quick, effective and comprehensive plan to combat pest menace in China.”

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