The mother tongue is a language you use to communicate with others.

It’s a tool that’s been around for thousands of years, but there are lots of ways you can teach your child Persian.

Here’s how to get started.


Use a book or audio book to learn about the language.

Learn about Persian in a local library or community center.

If you have a family member who can speak Persian, you can start with the books on your own.

If not, you’ll probably want to pick up a book on Persian culture, history, and culture in general.

The books you might like are: The Persian Alphabet (available at libraries and bookstores, and available online) The Persian Language and Culture by Ali Gharib (available online) Persian Alphabet: The Modern Persian Alphabet by Dr. Amir Reza Aslan (available on iTunes) Persian Grammar by Hamed Aboulafia (available in Arabic)  Persian Grammatics by Dr.-C. H. Amin al-Hajjani (available to the public) The Modern Iranian Alphabet (translated by the late Dr. Al-Hussein al-Khaderi)  The Modern Iran Alphabet (by Dr. Abul Ghasemi)  Al-Khmer Persian Grammatic Dictionary (by D. M. Alqatani) The Great Persian Alphabet, by D. E. Moulayj (translator) Persian Bible by Al-Azhar University and translated by the University of Edinburgh (translators are Dr. Mohammed Shafik and Dr. Ali Agha) Persian Vocabulary for Families (by L. G. Saffi) Persian Book of the Month (by M. Haddad) Persian Linguistics (by N. S. B. Bhatt) The Iranian Linguistic Heritage Center (by G. N. Nasser) The National Persian Alphabet Foundation (by S. P. Tareekh) Persian-Arabic Linguists Society of America (by B. K. Khan) Persian Dictionary (available free online) Al-Faruq Book of History (available for free download on the website) The Complete Persian Alphabet and Vocabulary (by A. J. Khoury) The International Persian Alphabet Society (available with an optional translation by Drs.

Ramez Naoum and Alhassan al-Rashed) The World Atlas of Persian Grammatical Structure (by R. Sargent) The Linguist’s Dictionary of Persian (available via the Web at the library)  Arabic Grammatik (available from the Arabic Library of America)  English Grammatika (available as a downloadable PDF) Persian Pronunciation and Phonetics (available through the Web)  Arabic Grammatiki (available by appointment) English Vocabulary of Iran (available offline, free online, and as an audio audio book) Arabian Vocabulary, Translations, and Linguisms (available downloadable PDF and audio eBook) Arabic-English Linguism: The Lengthened English Language (by K. A. Farhadi, translated by H. Fadhlavi) Persian Grammatiko-Linguistic (English Grammatikh) (translations available online and free online from the library, as well as free audio book available from the Web.) 

Arabic Vocabulary: Arabic Grammatical Textbook (Arabic, English, and Persian) (by Khaled El-Dahdawi, translated in Arabic by Hadi Khodr) Persian Gramma-Litmus (Arabian Grammatic Grammar, also available as an online textbook) Arabic Grammatic Vocabulary and Grammatical Usage (Arabics, English and Persian, as an available downloadable audio book from the website, and an audio eBook for free online.

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English Grammatica (English grammar book, English dictionaries, and English grammar apps) (available here.) 

Arabian Dictionary (Arabica, Arabic, Persian, English) (Arabican Arabic and English dictioners, Arabic Grammar and Grammatical Usage, Arabic Glossary, and Arabic Gramma) Pashto-Urdu Grammati (Pashtuns grammar, grammar, vocabulary, and usage for the Urdu language) (Pasha Urdu grammar and vocabulary, vocabulary and usage, and pronunciation dictionary) (Urdu grammatics and pronunciation dictionaries)  English Grammar (English grammatical usage, vocabulary usage, pronunciation, grammar and grammar dictionary) English Grammatical Dictionary (English dictionaries and grammatical dictionaries available online for free. 

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Arabic Grammars Grammaticks (Arabicas grammar and dictionary available online, grammar dictionaries online, grammatical grammars online, vocabulary grammar and grammaries grammar