On May 2, 2016, American singer-songwriter Persia White announced she was pregnant with her second child with her new husband, guitarist Joe Koechner.

At the time, the couple was working on their third album and were in a deep relationship, so White was looking to make sure the family was financially stable before embarking on a road trip.

However, after getting pregnant again, White discovered that her period had come and gone.

“I felt like I needed to get back to my normal routine,” she told Billboard.

“We got back to our normal routine and got our period, and I thought, I guess I’ll just give this a try.”

White went ahead and made her own version of the poem, which was featured on the first album of her new band, the Americana-pop duo The Kooks, released in March 2017.

The song “Mother in Persia” was performed by White and Koechoner during the Grammy Awards, and it made its debut at the ceremony in February 2019.

“When we were first starting out, I was like, I don’t know how many songs are gonna hit the charts before this one,” Koechan said in an interview with Billboard.

While “Mother In Persia,” which was recorded during the birth of her second baby, did not make the final cut of the album, Koechinner said it was one of the most influential songs of his career.

“It was a little bit of a turning point for us as musicians, and now we’re going to be able to sing it as a live performance and be able see our audience,” he said.

White, who has since married Koechi, said she wanted to honor her family and the people in the world who were touched by her songs.

“Mothers who are in pain, I want to give them hope, I’m gonna give them comfort,” she said.

“Just knowing that there’s another mom out there who is going through this too, I just want to share that with her.”

The singer-musician’s husband said the song had touched him deeply.

“If I ever feel like my mom in a poem is gonna feel, ‘Oh, I’ve got this mom, I know how much she’s been through, I got this,’ that’s just so empowering, he said in a statement to Billboard.

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