A mother meme, a video made in Persia, has been trending on social media this week.

The mother in Persias white house is one of many memes that people have been using to mock the White House.

The meme has since become a viral sensation on social networks and has generated over 30 million views.

The father of the meme is a black Pakistani man who says he was kidnapped by the Pakistani Taliban.

In a video posted on YouTube on Friday, the Pakistani man, who asked to be identified only as Saeed, said that he was abducted by the Taliban and that his father was taken by Pakistani security forces, who then held him captive for almost a year before releasing him.

In another video, the father said that his parents were killed and that he is now in Pakistan.

The man, Saeed said, was not able to get a ransom demand from the Pakistani government because of his family’s lack of funds and the Taliban’s threat of a “war on the family.”

According to the Pakistani official news agency, the man was abducted in Pakistan’s tribal region of Chitral, near the border with Afghanistan, on Feb. 5, 2016, and taken to an unknown location.

According to his father, Saeded said his parents, his brother and his nephew were killed in the incident.

The Pakistani Taliban, which the White Senate and the Pakistani Foreign Ministry have denounced as terrorist organizations, have claimed responsibility for the killings.

The Taliban has repeatedly claimed responsibility, and some of its members have been indicted by the U.S. for attacks in Pakistan, including the killing of a Pakistani police officer in March 2016.

Saeed told the Associated Press that he and his father were kidnapped on Feb, 5, the day before President Donald Trump, then-candidate Donald Trump Jr. and former President Barack Obama signed the $1.1 trillion military aid package to Pakistan that included $500 million in military aid to help combat the Taliban.

The White House has previously said that it did not receive any ransom demands.

Saede told the AP that he spoke to his mother and her husband after his father’s release and they agreed to help him get a family passport.

He said that after the family was reunited in Pakistan on Feb., 9, he was released and reunited with his father.

“I don’t want anyone to be in the position where they are trying to blackmail me,” he said.

The family has not heard from Saeed since.

The president’s office did not respond to request for comment from The Associated Press.

In addition to the white house and the president’s son, Saede has been a trending topic on Twitter in recent days.

One user wrote, “What a great dad.

Thanks for your love.”

Another user posted, “It was like watching your son being taken away from you.”

The father also tweeted a video from the video of him getting his passport, saying that he wanted to send his message to the U,S.

government that “we are alive.”

Saeed has been the subject of memes, YouTube videos, Facebook videos and Instagram posts.

He has been retweeted nearly 3 million times.

The latest meme came on Thursday, and it was titled “Mother in Pakistan,” according to the video posted by the family on YouTube.

The video showed Saeed in a wheelchair.

“The mother in Pakistan?” the caption asked.

The woman said she was a Pakistani mother.

“Oh yes, the mother,” the man said.

“Yes, the woman.

Mother in Pakistan.”

The mother, who said she is not a Pakistani, said she went to the United States to seek help after her husband, who is a doctor, died.

She was unable to get his passport because of the Taliban, and her children did not know her whereabouts.

“It’s just horrible.

It’s really horrible,” she said.

In the video, she said her husband was kidnapped when he was on his way home from work and had not heard back from Pakistani authorities for months.

The next day, her husband died.

Saeeds family said they are in hiding.

“We are hiding, but we are here to help the family,” the mother said in the video.

The Washington Post reached out to the White Houses office for comment but did not hear back.

“Our government is always focused on the safety and security of the American people, and we are committed to assisting families in Pakistan with all our efforts,” a White House spokesperson said in a statement.

The AP reached out for comment to the Pakistan government and the White houses office, but did no get a response.

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