The Hindu goddess Parvati was worshipped in many parts of the Persian world.

According to the Hindu texts, she was a goddess of fertility, wisdom and knowledge.

Her shrine at the temple of Narses, in western Persia, is located on the site of the temple where she is worshipped.

She was worshipped by some Persians and Persians were known to worship her at their temples.

The Persians worshipped Parvati as the “Mother of the Gods”, “the mother of the gods” and “the Mother of the Universe”, and they would also sacrifice to her at sacred places.

Her name is Persian, the ancient name of a mountain, so it was probably related to the name of the goddess.

Punjab and Sindh are the only two provinces of the ancient Iranian empire that were not part of the Persian Empire.

In the 8th century BC, Parvati visited the temple at the Narsis temple in the province of Khorasan and performed a ritual that resulted in the birth of a baby boy.

The name of her temple is Persian Goddesses of the Narrow Sea and of the Sea of Dawn.

She is also sometimes referred to as the Narda Devi.

The Persian Goddesses were very powerful and had great influence over the lives of the people living in the region.

Parvati was also worshipped by the Sindh Hindus, who lived in a similar environment to the Persias.

The Sindhi Goddess is also known as the Goddess of Wisdom.

Sindhi women were believed to be highly intelligent and possessed a gift of prophecy and prophecy was also used as a way to protect people from misfortune.

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