Mother in Persian (Mother in Persian) is a traditional name for a Persian woman.

The name was used to identify a goddess of childbirth.

The word mother is pronounced like mother.

The mother’s name is pronounced with the first two syllables, but it has three syllables at the end.

The pronunciation of the first word is the same as the pronunciation of mother in English, which is the correct pronunciation.

Mother in Persia is the traditional name of a Persian mother.

It is a great honor for the Mother to be the first woman to be honored by the Persian people with this name.

It is a joyous occasion for all of us who care about Mother in the Persian language and culture.

The name is considered sacred and is given to a mother for her role in childbirth.

It can also be used to refer to a woman as a mother or to a person’s family.

The term has been in use since the 12th century.

The ancient Persian text, the Fatiha, mentions the name and explains its meaning: The name is a name given to the mother of the newborn child.

The first and last letters of the name are the same in both Arabic and Persian.

The term has also been used in the Middle East for the first female president of the Republic of Iran.

This name was given to her in a letter written to her by the father of the country, the head of the royal family.

The Mother in Iranian is one of many names in the mother tongue of Iran, including the names of other Persian gods.

The title of the mother in Persian is the patronymic of a patronym of Iran’s Persian goddess.

The mother in Persia is not the only mother of Iran who has a name.

Iran has many goddesses in the traditional language of the Islamic world, including a great many mothers of goddesses, as well as goddesses of the heavens.