As many of you know, I have been doing some work on the topic of “what it’s like to raise a child in a country where the public toilets are full of dead, malnourished and dehydrated children.” 

The question of whether to take a train to a village or drive to a city for a visit is a common one, and I have often had to answer it. 

As a parent, you’re often asked the same questions. 

What are the best ways to raise kids in a culture where children are dying in school and dying in the streets?

How can I best manage my time with my family and my children?

What should I do to keep my kids healthy and safe? 

The answers vary wildly, and often involve both of those things. 

I often hear, “We can’t do everything, so we can’t just do everything.” 

I hear that all the time. 

When I look at the best practices that exist today, I’m often struck by the way they are not designed to help us accomplish our goals. 

Instead, they focus on getting the most from our limited resources. 

There is no one “right” answer to this question. 

But it’s a question that is rarely asked. 

So what can you do to help your children and your family?

Here are some simple suggestions to keep in mind when trying to get your kids and your families to the top of their game. 


Make sure you have a clear idea of what’s needed for your family to thrive and thrive well. 

You’re a parent. 

Your job as a parent is to provide your kids with the best possible life possible. 

Not every aspect of your child’s life is a challenge, and that’s okay. 

If you know you want your kids to have the best life possible, you need to be clear about what you’re going to be doing to help them achieve that goal. 

The best way to achieve your goals is to have clear goals.

And the best way is to be flexible. 


Know when to ask for help. 

We all have a little voice inside of us that wants to make things better. 

For instance, if you feel that you are doing enough to keep your kids healthy, but that your family is struggling financially, you might feel that it’s time to seek financial assistance. 

However, there are many other ways you can help your family. 

“If you’re not doing everything that you can, you don’t need to ask me for help,” is a classic answer. 

While it’s true that your financial situation may be a factor, you are not alone in that. 

Even if you don. 

It’s just a part of our life. 


Be open to the unknown. 

Do you have kids who are constantly hungry?

Are you worried about them being hungry?

Do you feel the need to call them and explain the situation? 

These are things that you may not be able to control. 

A child can be a child, and we have the right to know. 

And if your child is not having enough time to play, do you think they’ll be bored? 

Do they need help with homework? 

And what about the fact that your child isn’t eating? 

It is important to know that you have the ability to change these things.

It is important that you ask for the help.

And if you can’t change things, then at least ask. 


Consider the impact of a lack of access to food. 

At home, you often have a food situation where food is hard to come by. 

Whether it’s because of a family emergency or the fact your family doesn’t have enough money to eat, there is always a risk that your children won’t get enough. 

In order to keep food out of the reach of your children, you must consider the impact that a lack will have on your family and your children. 


Set a goal.

 If it seems like your family isn’t doing enough for you, it’s not because you aren’t working. 

This can be anything from just wanting to have enough time for yourself, your children or your health to be good to having a goal that you want to achieve. 


Ask for help when you can. 

Many people are surprised when they hear they need to seek help when they need it.

It’s not often that you need help to stay healthy, and if your children are having a hard time, it can be even more challenging. 

Try to understand what you need and where you can get help.

Ask for help if you’re struggling with finances, or just feeling anxious. 


Stay positive. 

Being positive and accepting of yourself and your situation will help you be a more successful parent.

It will make you more capable of dealing with challenges, such as food

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