You’re looking at a YouTube video of a young Shane persian getting his mother to sing a song for him.

You’re sitting with the boy on a couch, watching him sing, and the girl next to you is wearing a mask and standing beside him, trying to shield him from the rain.

The girl is wearing the same mask as the other girl in the video, who’s in the same pose as the girl in that video.

She’s wearing a raincoat over her face, and she’s singing the same song.

And the boy is standing right behind her.

It’s a beautiful video.

And then, after a while, you can hear Shane persians mother start to cry, as she’s trying to get him to pay for the song.

You know, Shane is a nice boy, and it’s sad when he has to go through all this and it doesn’t seem like he’s in a position to do that, but it’s hard to ignore that when he’s standing there.

You can see the tears in his eyes.

And you can see her face and her eyes turning to his mother, who is crying.

Shane persiana is not the first of his family to struggle to pay his way to a proper motherhood.

He was also a boy who didn’t have a mother.

He wasn’t the only boy with a father, either.

Shane, as a boy, was raised by a woman who was abusive and didn’t care about him.

Shane was also forced to take care of his sister when her mother couldn’t take care.

Shane didn’t like the way his mother treated him, so he took care of her.

Shane’s mother, however, was abusive, and Shane didn, too.

Shane wasn’t able to tell his mother he was different from his brothers, but he was taught that he was not really a boy.

And his mother’s abusive ways were the same as his father’s.

His mother was a drug addict.

Shane used to get high and go out drinking with friends.

He’d take drugs to get the high, and he would leave the party when the party was over, because he felt the party would go on forever.

He did this a lot, and his father was one of the people he was dealing with, so Shane was raised to think of him as the worst kind of man.

Shane doesn’t remember the name of his mother when he was growing up, and now he doesn’t know who she was, either, and neither does he remember her being abusive.

But he does remember being raised in a family of drug addicts.

His father, like Shane, used to be a drug dealer.

Shane is now a recovering addict, and one of his most recent highs was the time he went to the local bar.

He’s now a regular at the local club.

When Shane was a kid, his father would come home and he’d go back and forth to the house.

And there would be drugs and there would probably be violence.

And one night, Shane was going home with a friend and the friend’s friend would get angry with him, and so the friend would call Shane, and they would fight.

And so Shane would come back and he was crying, and I was crying too, because I was like, “Oh my God.

This is happening to me.

It has to stop.”

So I was so worried about Shane.

I was scared that he would just get hurt or hurt someone.

I just couldn’t understand how this could happen to Shane.

And Shane was really scared about his own father.

I knew that I didn’t want to see him hurt, so I just stayed quiet.

And I was really afraid of what would happen to him.

I mean, he was my son.

And he was still young.

I felt that he could do anything he wanted to me, and that he wouldn’t be taken care of.

But then he did something.

And when he did that, I was afraid.

I said, “Shane, don’t do that.”

And Shane said, I’ll do it.

And that was it.

He started drinking, and eventually he started abusing drugs, and then, he started using.

And at the age of 16, Shane got a new mother, and as Shane was still growing up and still doing drugs, he met his future wife, and, you know, he did what he needed to do to keep his mother.

And because he was so young, Shane wasn, you might say, being a drug kingpin.

And eventually, Shane had to go to jail.

But as he was getting out, he had to get a job.

He couldn’t find a job, because it was illegal for someone under 18 to work.

So he got a job as a bartender at a club in the middle of the night.

But the only thing Shane did in the bar was watch TV.

And as Shane watched, he saw his

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