Mother in Persian Godess: Mother in Persian Godess, Mother in Arabic Godess source USA Today article “I think I was born to be a mother,” said Godess in a video from her native Iran, the mother of two who speaks fluent Persian and Arabic.

“I didn’t make the choice to be here.

I made the choice.”

She also has an affinity for the Islamic world and its culture and language, which she says is the reason she feels a kinship with Iranian culture.

“My religion, my faith, my culture is different than the western culture.

It is very beautiful.

It speaks to me and to my heart,” she said.

“If I was to leave my homeland and go to the United States, I would be like many other people: very unhappy.

I would say, ‘What is the point?

Godess is also in a minority in Iran. “

The father of Godess has a more modest approach to his children, saying he would like them to grow up and not “to be like him.

“Godess is also in a minority in Iran.

About 2.6 percent of the country’s population speaks only Persian, a minority that includes more than half of the adult Iranian population.

That number is shrinking as Iranians become more fluent in their language and become more comfortable with their new country.

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They know that their world is changing,” Godess said.

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