A mother whose son Shane was killed by a snake has written a poem for the daughter who bears his name.

The mother of three from Melbourne, Shane Persian, told The Australian newspaper she was “deeply saddened” by the news and “felt very much” for the other three victims of the snake bite.

“I think it’s important for her to know that she’s not alone in her grief and loss, that she and her son Shane have other loved ones,” Ms Persian said.

“It’s just a sad day for me, and it’s not something I’m looking forward to.”

Ms Persian was at the family home in Cairns when she heard a rattlesnake was circling her yard in a remote part of the country about a week ago.

“We heard the rattles of it and thought it might be someone trying to kill the snakes,” she said.

Her son was shot in the head by a rattler in May.

“They weren’t going to let him go out in the yard or play outside,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Weekend Breakfast.

“The snakes were going to attack and kill him.”

She said her son was killed “like a dog, like a puppy”.

“They were just trying to get him out of the house,” she added.

“My son is still with us and we’re really hoping he’ll come home soon.”‘

I have no idea what’s going on’Ms Persians son is survived by his mother, her father and two other children.

“Shane is a very strong, strong, good-hearted young man,” she says.

“He is an incredible son and a very good person.”

Ms Gilden said the family had been “worried about the snake bites and snakes that come out of this part of Australia”.

“He’s a really sweet boy and we just want to get on with our lives, we’ve got to make sure he gets on with his life,” she explained.

“If anything happens to him, we can’t be certain.”

But he’s our little girl and I’ve got no idea how it’s going to be.

“Ms Jardine said she would “love to know the truth” about the attack.”

There’s no doubt that there’s a snake in the area and that’s why we’re worried,” she warned.”

Obviously the snakes are coming out of it in the morning and at night and it would be very dangerous to have that happen.”‘

No explanation given’The Queensland Health Department confirmed the deaths of the three snakes and said all three had been released into the wild.

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